The magic south: art, landscape & people

The Magic South: Art, Landscape & People

DURATION:  9 Nights / 10 Days

  • Day 1  –  Arrival to Malaga Airport, Accommodation in Lanjaron.
  • Day 2  –  Accommodation in Granada.
  • Day 3  –  Accommodation in Gaudix.
  • Day 4  –  Accommodation in Baeza.
  • Day 5  –  Accommodation in Cordoba.
  • Day 6  –  Accommodation in Seville.
  • Day 7  –  Accommodation in El Rocio.
  • Day 8  –  Accommodation in El Puerto de Santa Maria.
  • Day 9  –  Accommodation in Grazalema.
  • Day 10 – Departure from Malaga Airport



Day 1 – MALAGA – LANJARON (Aprox. 120 Km)

Arrival in Malaga airport and a wonderful drive along the colourful Mediterranean coastline. The goal is the western part of the landlocked historical surprising region Las Alpujarras. Situated on the southern side of the impressive & exotic Sierra Nevada mountains range, one will reach the gateway to the area – the splendid spa town of Lanjaron. In the afternoon the perfect moment for a panoramic tour of the town to take a look at the ancient Moorish ruined castle, and to stroll through the “Barrio Hondillo” quarter which unique Alpujarran architectural heritage soon will seduce you. You can’t say Lanjaron without saying water. Though it’s properly its eponymous bottled water company that the town is known for, it’s certainly the chalybeate baths in the “Balneario de Lanjaron Spa” that’s worth the attention. There is no better way to start an exciting 10 days tour by a treat in this historic & atmospheric spa building and at the same time enjoy the spectacular views of the impressive mountain area. Accommodation in centric hotel Alcadima*** (or similar).

Day 2 – LANJARON – GRANADA (Aprox. 50 Km)

Start the day going through the rugged and colourful almost virgin landscape cut by ravines, gorges and breath-taking valleys filled with orange & lemon perfuming plantation, overlooked by the highest point on the Iberian Peninsula the 3490 m Mulhacen peak. The fact of rivers running off the Sierra Nevada, the valleys of the western Alpujarras are among the most fertile in Spain. This magical mountainous area becomes a fabulous journey of discovery for the visitors. The villages with their white washed houses, chimney pots and terraces give the beauty a totally special effect. Along the Poqueira valley one can ascent to the highest village in Spain Travelez to try its delicious famous air dried ham. Other villages on the way to Mulhacen are Pampaneira, Bubion and finally Capileira. Each one with its own spectacular beauty. Time on your own to visit some of the many handicraft workshops which can be found throughout the lively villages. Later in the day one will make her way to the other side of the mountains and the magic city of Granada. In the evening a tour can be arranged round the gypsy neighbourhood of Sacramonte named by the nearby abbey. Situated outside the old town overlooking the Alhambra Palace and Albaicin quarters. The gypsies lived/live in caves, and this evening it will be possible to experience an exciting live Flamenco performance here. Accommodation in centric hotel Navas*** (or similar).

Day 3 – GRANADA – GAUDIX (Aprox. 55 Km)

Alhambra, one of the most beautiful Arab palaces in the western world, actually contains 3 palaces – the Nazari, the Royal Residence & Carlos the 5th. –, the fascinating Generalife Garden and finally the Alcazaba fortress. During this almost seductive visit one will sense the fascination that water and vegetation have wielded over the Islamic Culture. Further one can take a walk through the Albaicin, a district famous for its impressive views of the Alhambra and its characteristic houses and ”carmenes” villas.  Later in the atmospheric old Town one will reach the renaissance Cathedral with the Royal Chapel and the tombstones of the Catholic kings. Finally, one can wander through the narrow streets of the old market district, to end up at the lively Plaza Bib. After lunch one can be on her way for another adventure. The cathedral town of Gaudix is well off the beaten path, in the eastern confines of the province of Granada, and a large bustling country town with a personality all of its own. The most interesting feature of the Guadix area is that almost half of the inhabitants of the town live underground, in the southern part of the town, which is known as cave houses. The ochre coloured terrain and the dazzling whitewashed chimneys and doors of the caves contrast dramatically with the snow-covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada, which loom above. The cave district is signposted on the main street of the town as the “Barrio Troglodyte”. Tonight one will be accommodated in the cave houses which are surprisingly well equipped with all modern facilities. Accommodation in the modern cave hotel “Cuevas de Pedro Antonio de Alarcon***” (or similar).

Day 4 –  GAUDIX – UBEDA – BAEZA (Aprox: 110 + 10 = 120 Km)

Entering the province of Jaen one meets the fantastic scenery of endless olive plantations. First stop is made in the charming town of Ubeda named World Heritage Site (W.H.S.) by Unesco. Make an panoramic tour and see the outstanding feature of the city as the monumental Vazquez de Molina Square, surrounded by imposing Renaissance buildings such as the Palacio de las Cadenas. In spite of more than 48 monuments, most of them of Renaissance style, the romantic travellers are impressed more of the Muslim flavour once strolling round the atmospheric town.  After lunch one will arrive in the beautiful twin town of Baeza perched on a cliff in the “Loma de Úbeda” & equally W.H.S.. The town used to have a historical powerful town council which decided to show this power with beautiful public works, as the pósito (public granary), the alhóndiga (corn exchange), the meat market, the prison, and thanks to the architect Andrés de Vandelvira known to have best-preserved examples of Italian Renaissance architecture in Spain. Accommodation in central situated Hotel Cuidad de Baeza****

Day 5 – BAEZA –  CORDOBA (Aprox. 140 Km)

Driving through the outstanding olive plantations one will get to the majestic city Cordoba. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River connected by the beautiful Roman Empire Augustus stone bridge. Once an Iberian and Roman city in ancient times and later the capital of an Islamic caliphate. Today the most extensive historical heritages in the world declared W.H.S. by Unesco. Once installed in our wonderful Cordobian hotel – situated in the heart of the secretive and seductive city – a panoramic tour can be arranged. The white washed village like old town is an intriguing experience. Strolling through the streets the impressions of the Jewish quarter, the synagogue, the charming patios, palaces, churches are almost overwhelming. The visit in the cathedral – the so called “Mosque” – is a mysterious event due to the mixture of religions & history. Time on your own to explore this amazing city. Accommodation in central situated Hotel Conquistador****

Day 6 –  CORDOBA – SEVILLE (Aprox. 140 km)

On route to Seville one can make a stop at the ”Medina Azahara” ruins, the historic palace-city situated 8 miles west of Cordoba  in the foothills of the Sierra Morena. Later approx. 50 km from destination one can get to know the picturesque village of Carmona. Of Punic origin with its city walls, cemetery and amphitheatre, reminds us that Andalusia also had a very important Carthaginian & Roman past. A breath-taking – in all senses – climb to the incredible located Arabic Alcazar is part of this interesting stop. After final arrival the afternoon on one can choose a cruise on the Guadalquivir River or a visit to the famous Maestranza bull fight arena. Recommendable is also a walk through the exotic Maria Luisa Park or a visit to the authentic & charming pedestrian streets area of Sierpes, Tetuan & Velazquez. After dinner a visit can be arranged to the small mythic flamenco theatre”Los Gallos” located on the breath-taking miniature Santa Cruz square. Accommodation in centric located Hotel Derby*** (or similar).

Day 7 – SEVILLE – EL ROCIO (Aprox. 80 Km)

In the morning make a fantastic panoramic tour of the exotic city centres, a highlight of this trip. The city is an explosive cocktail of culture, history, sensuality, night-life and Latin temperament. One will be taken by the light, the blue sky, the red sun and the white washed town. The sights seem to have no end: Running through the heart of the city the sparkling Guadalquivir River, the shining Arabic Gold Tower, the Santa Maria Cathedral (the world’s 3. largest), the impressive Giralda Minaret Tower, the Royal Alcazares Palace, the buildings from the 1928 America & 1992 Expo expositions, the beautiful Plaza de España, etc. The idyllic & fascinating Santa Cruz quarter is one of the world’s most spectacular experiences with its atmospheric lovely small orange trees squares, Andalusian patios, exclusive shops, and lively authentic people. After this amazing morning, one will need a lunch break before leaving Seville in the name of adventure. Follow the path of the Romería de El Rocío, a procession/pilgrimage in honour of the Virgin of El Rocio. The path is travelling to the small village of El Rocío, located in the countryside of Almonte, province of Huelva. In recent years, the Romería has brought together roughly a million pilgrims to this amazing western-like town each year. As one enters through the gates of El Rocio, one will feel as though the dew of a new day will transform and awaken ones senses as El Rocio translated means “The morning dew”. The town is a sprawling, pretty Wild-West-style place ( tie your horse to a wooden rail with a sign saying “Reservado Caballos” – reserved for horses – while you have a drink or a meal), with sandy, unpaved roads. On the way round the town one cab visit the shrine and see the gathering-place El Real del Rocio which is next to the Sanctuary, where the pontifical high mass is said. In the evening one will be stunned by the almost spiritual sundown over the Doñana National Reserve Park. Accommodation in centric located Hotel Cristrina** (or similar).

Day 8 – EL ROCIO – NATURE RESERVE DOÑANA – CADIZ – PUERTO DE SANTA MARIA (Aprox: 30 + 190 + 19 = 239 Km)

From El Rocio one can enjoy The Doñana Nature Reserve Park from the borderline. Visit what is one of Europe’s most important wetland reserves and a major site for migrating birds. It is an immense area. The park amounts to over 1,300 sq. km. Entrance to the park are strictly controlled. One can take half-day trips with official guides or explore the environs of the visitors’ centres by foot, and one can make a stop to visit the principal visitors’ centre at El Acebuche for some unforgettable sights.  Later during the day, one can stop at the second oldest continuously inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula, Cadiz. Situated on a narrow slice of land surrounded by the sea. This place feels like as if Columbus and his era are still around characterised by the antiquity of its various quarters (barrios), among them El Pópulo, La Viña, and Santa María. The city is dotted with numerous parks where exotic plants flourish, including giant trees supposedly brought to Spain from the New World.  The sights are many but the astonishing view from the old city walls next to the ancient watchtower of the bay & Atlantic Ocean is one that is not soon forgotten. Arrival late afternoon to the charming town of Puerto de Santa Maria (“The Port of Saint Mary) located across the Cadiz bay on the banks of the Guadalete River. Take a walk round this amazing very chilled out town and being intrigued by the fact that almost all shops, bars, restaurants & hotels are constructed in the old charming ware houses or wine cellars. It has avoided the mass tourism and to experience e.g. the famous “Paseo del Marisco” (The Sea Food Promenade) is a way of getting close to the Real Spanish culture. Accommodation in centric located Hotel Monasterio de San Miguel**** (or similar).


First of all one should visit the San Marcos castle built on the site of an old Moorish mosque. It dates back to the 13th Century, and one of its famous inhabitants was Columbus. The bullring is spectacular – one of the most attractive in the whole of Spain. Being in the middle of Sherry production, we will visit the fantastic Sherry bodega ”Osbourne”. It´s history goes back to, 1825, which one will sense during this well prepared trip round the historic bodega. Before leaving take some time to be spent e.a. sailing across the bay of Cádiz in a giant replica of ‘La Niña’ (Columbus’s ship). Departing the town follow the Guadalete River towards the village of Zahara de la Sierra also known as the “Moorish eagle’s nest”. Perched on the mountain ridge, overlooking a valley and a human made lake, the magical township offers spectacular stunning views and special experiences. Just outside the town, an old olive mill has restored its original British manufactured Victorian presses and invites visitors to see how the olive oil is produced. Well worth a visit. The route now enters the heart of the natural reserve of Grazalema, which is a vast protected area of rugged limestone mountains rich in slopes, grottoes, caves and winding gorges. With several peaks over 1500 m.  The area is of the greatest ecological importance in southern Spain. Along the narrow fascinating rough mountain road CA 9104, we will experience glimpse of wild eagles, vultures, falcons, owls and of course breath-taking views. Last stop for the day will be in the pretty mountain village of Grazalema where one will find a beautiful hotel for the night. Accommodation in centric Hotel Villa de Grazalema*** (or similar).

Day 10 – GRAZALEMA – MALAGA (Aprox. 128 km)

Before leaving for the airport of Malaga find time to visit the town of Grazalema located beautifully in a high valley over 800 m in the Sierra del Endrinal.  Handicraft workshops can be found throughout the lively characteristic cobble stoned whitewashed village, known for its cottage industry of producing woollen blankets “Mantas de Grazalema”. On the way to Malaga airport an impressive drive over the mountain range of “Serrania de Ronda” will make sure that adventure will run in our blood to the happy end.


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