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An authentic & mystical paradise beyond worn pathways !

La Gomera, located just 30 km south of Tenerife is the second smallest island of the Canaries archipelago but the one that retains in better conditions its customs and traditions. Only in La Gomera you will be able to listen to the fascinating whistled ancient language, Gomero, as it has been used for thousands of years in these magic valleys that one will discover here.

Just arrived and you can already feel the magic of the place as it envelops you. Keep looking and you learn that this energy is real while travelling from landscape to landscape as the exuberant and magical natural surroundings slowly envelop you. With the Islands fantastic network of over 600 km of mysterious trails taking you through palm-filled valleys, deep ravines, black sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, luxuriant ancient forests refreshed with babbling streams … A natural paradise home to species that have disappeared everywhere else.

La Gomera was awarded World Biosphere Reserve status in 2011 in the excellent category thanks to the pristine nature of its marine and terrestrial ecosystem and one of the highlight is the Garajonay Nature Reserve with its laurel forests a green mass of prehistoric vegetation unique to the Macaronesian region. It covered the tropics millions of years ago and now survives in La Gomera thanks to its exceptional temperate climate. Wander the forests on your own or take a guided tour with local experts.

Among many interesting sights The Gran Rey Valley located on the edge of one of the biggest and most beautiful ravines on this island sticks out and the beautiful valley is full of palm trees and little white houses. Or what about Agulo the little village, known as La Gomera’s jewel and one of the best preserved on the Canary Islands, which sits up on a natural platform giving you expansive views of the ocean and of Teide volcano on next-door Tenerife Island. La Gomera is waiting to seduce you…

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Valle Gran Rey

The legendary valley on the south west coast of La Gomera is the most popular destination of the island. Among the many reasons to visit the place are high altitude boasting excellent viewpoints, the green terraced landscape that line the mountain sides which gives the valley a unique flair, the steep Barranco de Gran Rey gorge that opens up to the Atlantic Ocean, and series of pretty beaches dotting along the coastline. These natural attractions are also complemented by various activities like hiking, diving, swimming, and boat excursions.

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