To Sa Foradada via the Way of the Sea

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One starts the itinerary at the Hotel El Encinar more or less at Km 68.5 of the Valldemossa-Deia road ask as the “Old Ca Mado Pilla”. One walks about 800 m along the road towards Valldemossa. When reaching Km 69.3 one leaves the road on the right at this point where the Sai Camrera de Sa Marina or Cami Vell de s’Estaca begins.

Map of Route

It is possible to connect this route with the one corresponding to The Miradors del Arxiduc. Also possible to connect with the bus at its bus stops both at the Hotel El Encinar as well as in Son Marroig.

4 – 5 hours


500 m

Outbound & Inbound Bus


One starts the itinerary at the Hotel El Encinar more or less at Km 68.5 of the Valldemossa-Deia road aka the “Old Ca Mado Pilla”. One walks about 800 m along the road towards Valldemossa. When reaching Km 69.3 one leaves the road on the right at this point where the Sai Camrera de Sa Marina or Cami Vell de s’Estaca begins.

Arriving at the entrance of a house and continuing down to the right, the historic and beautiful Cami de sa Barrera de sa Marina begins. At 04 ‘ one has to pay attention because one must turn to the right towards the Mirador Nou. At 02 ‘ one has to deviate again now obliquely to the left. The Cami de Sa Torre starts up in front of it, and through the Mirador de Ses Pites and the Torre de Son Galceran, leading to Ca Mado Pilla. Today this road is cut by the construction of modern houses and by new wire fences that have recently placed on the perimeter of the El Encinar hotel. From what remains of the Mirador Nou one can see down below the Mirador de s’Erassa and in only a few minutes one will reach this place. Go down the path on the left of the Mirador Nou which through its stepped section takes you to the mentioned cave really worth visiting. One will ascend again to the Mirador Nou and return to the Cami de sa Barrera de sa Marina.  At 08 ‘ one crosses a barrier which is what gives the road its name. One continues descending and at 08 ‘ one leaves on the left the portell where the Cami de sa Font Figuera begins. This track connects s’Estaca with the road that goes down to Sa Marina de Valldemossa. At 02 ‘ also on the left one finds the steps that will allow you to climb the Mirador de s’Erassa.

One continues down the Cami de sa Barrera de Sa Marina. In some section the road is impassable because of the large pines that have fallen on it. One has pass them by climbing somewhere to the right. At 17 ‘ one will connect with the track that runs over the Cases of s’Estaca. One has to be aware because at 04 ‘ one come to a triple junction. On the right by the milestone the Cami Nou de s’Estaca starts.  The other paths has also interesting destinations but one could continue on the the Cami Nou de s’Estaca track, but it is considered more interesting to choose the left parallel to a grid and to follow one more piece through the old Cami de sa Barrera de Sa Marina track. One will immediately enter the track that leads on the left to Cases de s’Estaca. One follows the track to the right and at 08 ‘ one will be at the beginning of the Cami de Ses Vinyes. One continues straight ahead because on the left going down one would able to go down to Cala de s’Estaca the old and idyllic little port of the fishermen of Valldemossa. After passing fallen pines which one avoids by going up a bit one will arrive (19 ‘) to the Des Guix area. One leaves on the right a “sitja” (splendid place for a bivouac) and passes by the Pedrissos des Penyals and turn right towards the ruins of Sa Caseta des Garriguer.

One leaves the ruins on the right and goes down towards the seashore. Be careful not to slip on this stretch. Already next to the sea one goes towards Sa Foradada (Northeast) by the practically disappeared Cami de la Mar. Immediately there are remains of what was a magnificent paved road. At about 04 ‘ by the sea if one looks closely one will see the rock on which s’Arxiduc mounted every season a wooden hut to change clothes and swim. In the rock one can still see the indentations which supported the stakes that supported the shed as well as the steps carved into the rock, which descended into the water.

One continues towards Sa Foradada and the itinerary is pretty well marked by milestones. One passes at some point under the walls that supported the Cami de la Mar. In general the best itinerary passes stuck to the slope on the right. In about 50 ‘ or so, from the rock of the “bath house” one has to pay close attention because the milestones tell you that one has to climb decisively to the right. At about 08 ‘ one will leave to the right the Pedrissos de s’Embarcador de sa Creu. From the hill Isthmus of Sa Foradada (about 02 ‘from Pedrissos) one moves to the left and North along a fantastic road very well preserved. And at about 10 ‘ one will arrive at the chalet that exists above the little port of Sa Foradada.

Here one can descend to the small cove and take a dip in its incredible waters. Now one only has to climb up to Son Marroig always by track. Some 09 ‘from the Isthmus hill that one crossed before and an hour to the Cases de Son Marroig. After the second curve that makes the track (the first to the right) one will have to take the right and the steps that takes you to the Mirador des Rotllo Gros. After some steps at the edge of the track to the right one can go all the way up to the spectacular Mirador de Sa Trona. One continues climbing now to the Mirador de s’Ull. S’Arxiduc baptized this viewpoint as s’Ull, because from there one only sees the “ull” (forat) of Sa Foradada. One continues ascending a path with several steps which gets into a small gauge. Climbing in the same direction along a slope of terraces that had been demolished one will connect again with the track on which one climbed from Sa Foradada. In a few minutes one reaches the Cases de Son Marroig.

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