L`Escala – Torroella de Montgri

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A nice route that takes you from the heart of L`Escala firstly along the coastline, later through the Montgri nature reserve before turning inland towards to the charming village Torroella de Montgrí located approx. 4 km from the coast next to the Ter River.

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5 hours


210 m

Alternative return by local bus


One leaves by the seafront in L`Escala following the coast in the urban zone. Later one crosses the beach of Riells and passes the Clota Petita Creek before continuing along Romeu de Corbera Street just above the facilities of the Nautical Club. One follows along its facilities and at the end turns right at a crossing. Before the barrier of the port turn to the right and then take the round road that goes through an out of use military zone.

In a fork one takes the path to the left and then goes along a road of great interest. Soon one starts a gentle climb in Bol Roig Creek to edge the cliffs over the Punta and the Cala del Salpatx. At a crossroads one heads into a pine forest where one walks in front of Punta Montgó. One descends later and one walks along the coast in the place of the cove and the Mateua Island.

Arriving at Gir one separates from the coast to turn to the right in the first constructions of the urbanization of Punta Montgó. One arrives at a square where Calle del Rey is going in the direction of Cala Montgó. In a fork one takes the right ramp and one goes down another street of the urbanization until one finds the main road.  Then continue on the left until a new fork and continue to the right again and arrive at the Montgó Creek a bit later.  From here one goes out on the road at the bottom of the cliff. One has to go very carefully taking several detours to the right just to arrive at the first pebble beach. Cross the stream and follow the shore of the sea by open land.

At the height of some remains of fortification one climbs a small valley to the right. At the Punta Ventosa viewpoint also known as Punta del Milán one takes a southwestern direction track that runs through a pine forest moving away from the coast. In a fork one turns to the left just to continue along a very stony road. Later one arrives at an abandoned military base and one advances on a road that follows a firewall to the south.  Leave two tracks to the right and a path to the left and shortly after the end of the forest one runs into a new fork. Continue on the left towards Cala Ferriola.

The road continues in a southerly direction which one leaves taken the path to the right and then one crosses a wide track that goes from the Estartit to the L`Escala and one continues along a road all right to the west faced Montplà and Montgrí passing next to a private property.

At the beginning of the ascent one enters again the forests of repopulation pines & holm oak is. Behind the houses of the urbanization of the Torre Vella in the fork one has to follow the same direction and then later one ends up in a double fork. Firstly one takes the path to the left and then later the one to the right. One leaves a large water tank behind and immediately the track becomes paved. In the next fork one takes the path to the right.

To the right of this path there are remains of a monument and then one leaves the path taking the appearing road. Approaching the Montplà front an ascent starts going on for a while and at the end of the ascent near the rocks of the top the path takes to the right. One continues to the left at the fork later arrive ring at the white fire booth located at the beginning of the summit of the Montplà which one crosses.

Later at the crossroads between Montplà and Montgrí one takes the path to the right towards Montgrí Castle. Passing this on the Coll de la Creu one takes the path to the left in the direction of Torruella de Montgrí. The path goes into the nice plain of the Baix Empordà, at the fork where the path joins with an eroded road one continue going south.

Finally one enters the Charming village of Torroella going along a dune path and then continuing along the Fátima Street to arrive at the destination of the route on Paseo Catalunya in the heart of town.

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