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Discover the fascinating & breath-taking hiking routes of Catalonia !

Hiking has a long tradition in Catalonia which is a land of contrasts and it provides the visitor with an enjoyable way of discovering the history and customs of the region as well as the nature of the culture and its heritage.

The array of geographic formations in Catalonia is rich and diverse, resulting in scenes of breath-taking beauty. The benign climate, the array of landscapes, the basically mountainous character of Catalonia together with the remarkable natural, architectural and cultural splendour of the area places the Catalan hiking trails among the most interesting in Europe. The trail markings have been there since ancestral times. Over the years these trail markings have been revised and improved several times and these improvements have made the trails accessible to more people and therefore increased the popularity of hiking.

Catalonia is a land of extraordinary diversity evident not only in its history, culture and rich heritage but also in the variety of spectacular landscapes. The 10 tourism trademarks are the best way of identifying the characteristics and specialties of each area.

Discover the most authentic and unspoiled Costa Brava e.g. by hiking the “Camí de Ronda” a fantastic & beautiful coastal path. The best way to get to know the Costa Brava on foot walking through a path that follows the whole coast of the Gerona province for more than 200 km. From Tossa de Mar “Camí de Ronda” is well signposted with white and red markings typical of long-distance trails in this case the GR92, goes through beautiful coves and typical Mediterranean virgin pine forests until you reach Sant Feliu de Guíxols to the north (21 km) or Lloret de Mar to the south (14 km).

Further north along Costa Brava hiking in l’Escala is a fascinating experience and gives the visitors an entirely new view of the area and fascinating town. Enjoying its setting, its hidden corners and most emblematic footpaths and area proposes a string of different routes, each one with a different set of historical, visual or natural attractions, and with varying degrees of difficulty to adapt to the requirements of each visitor. Enjoy discovering them all.

Located about a 1-hour train ride from Barcelona the Montserrat Mountain features several iconic hiking trails and peaks for hikers of all levels. The base of the trails are accessible by either the Aeri de Montserra cable car or the Montserrat Rack Railway which takes travellers to the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey. Established in the 10th century, the Abbey of Montserrat monastery still functions today with over 150 monks and is home to the famous Virgin of Montserrat (the black virgin). Montserrat features towering and rolling boulders that create an ideal hiking environment for explorers, bikers and mountain climbers. The trails leading away from the monastery are well maintained and labelled for visitors in several languages. Throughout the trails one is able to enjoy amazing panoramic views of the Catalonia countryside and see why this is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain.

Catalonia is a huge region of contrasts and as such it has become one of Europe’s most attractive and popular tourist destinations. The above mentioned is a mere taste of some of the natural areas recommend to visit. This is by no means an exhaustive inventory of what is on offer for hikers in Catalonia but merely some specific proposals we have taken the liberty to suggest to you.

The road is long and the views are spectacular. Enjoy the trip!

Accommodated in Blanes

The seaside resort is known as the Gateway to the Costa Brava situated north of the Tordera River 50 km north of Barcelona. The “Palomera” rock formation places on the fabulous beach front, and from where you have fantastic, panoramic views of the sea, symbolizes that the Costa Brava starts right here. Between La Palomera and the harbour lies the characteristic old village. Unlike so many other resorts Blanes still has an active fishing fleet & the auction in the morning is authentic and something to experience.  Blanes has a good number of routes to do on foot between the sea and the mountains discovering many historical places and others that due to its great natural beauty really are worth visiting. Routes of the chapels, the Castle of San Juan, Santa Barbara and so on, all between natural roads surrounded by forests and intertwining with trails within the urban center. Discover the hiking through the village al the up to the beautiful San Juan castle majestically overlooking with fantastic views the charming town, fishermen port and bay. The Blanes – Lloret de Mar trail along the coast is another fascinating chapter of walking between Sea, forest and Mountain along the rocky Costa Brava.

Accommodated in Tossa de Mar

Known as the Blue Paradise this fantastic village is located in a beautiful small bay halfway between the French Border and Barcelona. Tossa is an ancient fishermen`s village with an important historical background. Take a stroll around the pretty town full of cobbled streets, tempting shops and cosy taverns and tapas bars all overlooked by a magnificent ancient castle. The rocky coast and the crystal clear waters along with nearby islands are a magnet for scuba divers & snorkelers. If one is passionate about hiking Tossa de Mar is an excellent hiking base on the Costa Brava with several mountains in the surrounding area combined with the beautiful blue sea,  the town is really attractive to hikers. One will be able to enjoy the beauty of the coast as well as that of Tossa de Mar Medieval charm. The magnificent scenery with a wild rugged coastline and tranquil Mediterranean forests combined with steep rocky slopes and tangled tree roots. Be rewarded with panoramic views back to Tossa and to the isolated coves and deserted beaches far below. Looking down at the sparkling water of the Mediterranean one can see why the artist Marc Chagall described Tossa as his “Blue Paradise”.

Accommodated in Lloret de Mar

The capital of Costa Brava is situated 70 Km north of Barcelona and is by far one the largest liveliest holiday resort on the coast. The former fisherman’s village has five main beaches extremely well kept and washed by crystal clear waters along a 7 km coastline. The village has a huge old beautiful part full of small shops, cafes and cosy restaurants. There are some excellent walking routes both along the coast and inland which are also popular with mountain-bikers and runners as well as horse riders. The many foot trails that stretch along the coast or wind their way into forests, revealing all the secrets of the Mediterranean fauna and flora to visitors, along with the cultural heritage. The work carried out in signposting and restoring certain paths means that the town now boasts a well-structured and well signposted network of hiking trails throughout the area.

Accommodated in L`Escala

Located 90 km from Barcelona and less than an hour from Gerona on the northern part of the dramatic, authentic and beautiful Costa Brava far away from the typical mass tourism. The authentic and charming village is a fantastic destination which offers a varied choice of cultural and sporting activities that will appeal to both young and old alike. L’Escala boasts a vast nature reserve with an ecosystem of mountains, beaches, dunes, cliffs, islands and fresh air. The Natural Park of Montgrí, the Medes Islands and Baix Ter has all been declared a protected natural area with approximately 8,000 hectares of untouched nature. Enjoy all the relaxing activities, cultural offers or take part in festivals in between lovely meals in one of the many excellent local restaurants. Hiking in l’Escala is a fascinating experience and gives visitors an entirely new view of the town, enjoying its setting, its hidden corners and most emblematic footpaths. Find a string of different routes each one with a different set of historical, visual or natural attractions and with varying degrees of difficulty

Accommodated in Montserrat

One will experience something totally different and extraordinary when opting for a stay at the hotel Abat Cisneros Monastery right in the heart of the Montserrat Monastery. The monastery is majestically situated in the unusually-shaped mountain in the heart of Catalonia. At the top of this spectacular massif stands a statue of the Virgin of Montserrat the patron saint of Catalonia. This nature reserve is covered with pine and holm-oak woods and is home to squirrels, boars and genets, among others. There are many different itineraries and guided visits that will help you discover its most hidden spots. Furthermore one is easily connected to the nearby village of Monistrol de Montserrat with the so called “Cremallera” which a public transport service is giving visitors magnificent views as it ascends more than 600 metres up the mountain. The journey from the railway station in Monistrol de Montserrat to the monastery covers 5 kilometres and takes 15 minutes with departures every 20 minutes. One can also access Montserrat monastery area with the Montserrat’s cable car (Aeri) which entered into service in 1930 and also the quickest way to reach the sanctuary form the river area. At an average speed of 5 metres per second the cable car covers the 1,350-metre journey comfortably. During the journey passengers can have splendid views of the beautiful scenery, and glimpse part of the magnificent Monumental Rosary. Cable cars depart every 15 minute.

Choose any route from one destination to any other destination

Only your imagination is the limit! Logically, it’s convenient to select a departure point close to the area of interest, but all routes which can be found in this catalogue can be arranged from any airport, port or any point throughout Spain. Below please find examples of routes studied and designed to be as rich as possible in culture, art, ancient traditions, breath-taking landscapes, tasteful gastronomy, delicious wines etc – All in all filled with experiences, impressions and adventures.

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Catalonia Hiking Routes
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