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Experience the magic of Spain on breathtaking hiking routes all around the beautiful country

Spain is full of epic hiking routes that run the length and breadth of the country north, south, east, west. Some can be enjoyed in a morning and others can take weeks or maybe months to complete. At Enchanting Holidays in Spain we are specialist in finding the best solution and best picks for the best hikes just for you round Spain.

Spain is a firm favourite with holidaymakers from all over the world thanks to a rich cultural heritage, excellent gastronomic scene, some of the world’s finest architecture and a surplus of amazing nature reserves and breath taking landscapes…….What is better, authentic and the most personalized and best way to get to the essential heart of the Spanish soul, than to get into your hiking boots and just take off in your own pace and time through an overwhelming network of fantastic hiking trails.

Spain and all its adventures are readily available in its magnificent nature reserves, beautiful villages and breath-taking countryside just awaiting to be explored trough the fantastic hiking trails one will find all over the country and simply the ideal way to recharge the batteries and leave the daily stress behind !
Whether you want you get away from the cold winter or simply enjoy to get close to the fascinating Spanish culture we got the right solution just for you !
The many places in Spain are colourful & magic and when you have visited one area you are intrigued and wanting more…….

The multitude of cultures & languages in the country, combined with the variation of music, art, history, gastronomy, wine and way of life, makes a journey to a Spain a true adventure for the visitors.

The plenitude of possibilities makes it difficult to choose……Take e.g. The Saint James Way (Camino de Santiago) and its 1000 variants or the brutal and breath taking west coast of Mallorca with its many fascinating hiking trails. How about “Caminito del Rea” in Malaga a famously pathway clinging to the sheer rock face or The route of the Salto del Cabrero is located in within the Grazalema Nature Reserve, one of the greenest parts of Andalusia. One could also try the ancient pathway ”Cami de Cavalls” a trail that runs around the entire circumference of the island of  Menorca in the Balearics. Furthermore hiking on the Canarian islands is another fascinating chapter and something any hiker must try `cause it’s really the right way to get to know the real character and culture behind these amazing pearls lying in the Atlantic……Only the sky is the limit so it`s just to get started……………….

Enchanting Holidays in Spain is throughout Spain an expert in arranging Hiking Routes and we have created the right exiting mixture of challenges , excitement, adventure combined with excellent accommodation……

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