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Welcome to Fuerteventura, try it, try something different…

Arrive and discover a pristine coastline with emerald green waters and over 150 km of white sand beaches. One is in paradise and bathed in sunshine and relaxing negative ions from the sea breeze. The coast and the spectacular volcanic landscapes are why the island is a Biosphere Reserve. Close the eyes and when you open them you’re a new person. A perfect moment to grab a board and hit the clear water or to explore the island’s cuisine in its villages. Try the fresh fish, wrinkly potatoes and the Designation of Origin cheeses. Over 150 km of incredible beaches to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the sea breeze full of negative ions that makes you feel like you are in paradise. The coast of Fuerteventura is sea and sand in its purest state, with beaches of all kinds there’s a perfect one whatever your plan. Forget everything and walk along the shore, eat fresh fish right by the ocean, or just sit on the sand and watch the sunset. Between beach and beach the island’s cheeseries are a must visit. Try one of the island’s Designation of Origin Majorero cheeses. Windsurfing Paradise with long sunny days, intense wind, and waves up to two metres mean that the island has a long tradition of windsurfing and kite surfing. World Bisphere Reserve, the immense volcanic landscapes and pristine beaches earned the entire island the honour of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status in 2009. A must to experience on Fuerteventura:  Corralejo Natural Park, at first glance it’s hard to see how this desert landscape can hold some of the most idyllic beaches in the Canary Islands. Where the dunes meet the sea you get fine, white sand beaches and turquoise waters. A protected natural area almost 9 km long with almost endless stretches of sand and little sheltered bays.

La Concha beach on the isle of Los Lobos, a serene refuge this nature reserve, once inhabited only by monk seals, is today a serene refuge from the stresses of daily life. The boat trip across is worthwhile just to see the plants and birds that live nowhere else on Earth. The rest of this idyllic islet is a fantastic bonus. Betancuria old town, the island’s first city located in one of the driest parts of the island this archaic city, founded in the 15th Century, is history in masonry. Once the island’s capital it’s now its main cultural attraction with an archaeological museum that shows you how it’s ancient inhabitants lived. Costa Calma beach, white sand and turquoise waters these quiet beaches in the south of the island stretch for kilometres with white sand and calm turquoise waters. Sunbathe on the endless sand or relax in the clear, warm water. You’ll feel completely refreshed with 10 km of beach all to yourself. Cofete beach, the most famous virgin beach in the islands one have to set aside a day to visit the most famous virgin beach in the Canary Islands. Stretching over 12 km with no development and as wild as they come, Cofete beach leaves you breathless. La Concha beach El Castillo, Sheltered by a natural reef and another of Fuerteventura’s stunners this half-moon beach sheltered by a natural lava reef is pristine but conveniently close to a small town. Undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the Canaries with fine, white sand, calm, clear water and abundant marine life. Fuerteventura is a surplus of exiting experiences and authenticity. Fuerteventura, try it, try something different…

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Corralejo is a beautiful authentic town situated in the northernmost part of the island surrounded by an unusual landscape of dunes. The town combines the traditional seafaring flavor of its port built around a picturesque collection of houses boosting several beautiful examples of noble architecture. Another of the main attractions is the extensive coastline of heavenly beaches of fine golden sand beside a sea of turquoise waters. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure one can enjoy a string of water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing or water skiing.

Costa Calma

Costa Calma is an idyllic oasis resort situated in the south of the island between the towns of La Lajita & Jandia. The Costa Calma offers two km of spectacular white sand beaches combined with refreshing turquoise waters and is considered as the town`s main paradisiac attraction. Its idyllic shoreline invites you to stroll along the sand, admiring the impressive views of a coastline full of ochre mountains smoothed by years of erosion. The bay with the beach is the centre of the small town which is quit modern offering a string of shopping centres with restaurants, bars and shops.

Castillo – Caleta de Fuste

The town is a large holiday resort situated on the east coast of the island close to the airport and capital Puerto del Rosario. It was developed around a cove and the 600 m long beach Caleta de Fuste is one big bathing bay. The fine sand is light and clean ideal for families. Numerous shopping facilities, restaurants, bars are to be found round to town along with a beautiful yacht harbor also departure point for waiter excursions such as deep sea diving, boat trips, submarine undersea excursion. The nightlife is upbeat with lots of bars providing entertainment, live music and karaoke options

Morro Jable

Marro jable is a large tourist resort in the southern tip of the island where one will find a huge 4 km long white sand beach with tranquil waters, shimmering shades of turquoise and emerald. In the centre of town the big Avenida is running alongside the km long beach with excellent shopping facilities and a view of the emblematic Morro Jable lighthouse standing out from the sea. The town was originally a small fisherman`s village and the town is built around the authentic beautiful and charming old town close to the fisherman`s port.

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