Discover the Amazing Beauty of the Unknown Tenerife !

Tenerife is the island of a thousand experiences where one can get lost in nature, relax on the beach, climb Teide, walk the old town cobbles, visit hidden coves, try the freshly court fish directly from the Atlantic ocean, enjoy local life in one of the beautiful authentic villages or try one of the many fantastic hiking trails … Fill yourself with energy with an endless selection of activities but above all don’t leave Tenerife without trying the food, Sit on a terrace with sea views and taste the local shrimps: A delicious experience.

The remarkable island is marked by its outstanding geographical contrasts a perfect place to satisfy your vacation days with exciting and unforgettable memories. It holds extensive beaches, deep gorges, spooky cliffs, large and exotic forests, valleys with wide plantations of banana trees, lunar landscapes, fascinating museums and countless entertainment venues. The Teide National Park is the third highest volcano in the world and at 3,718 metres the Teide volcano is Spain’s highest peak and its two ecosystems make the climb an experience full of contrasts. With local guides one can get an in-depth experience and the mountain refuge is the spot for superb dawn views.

Amazing sights ready to blow your mind jus awaiting your visit away such as the authentic villages of La Laguna & La Orotava. La Laguna old town and World Heritage Site is the oldest example of an unfortified colonial town inspired by the principles of navigation. Its Spanish colonial architecture and the overall charm of the historical district makes it worthy of UNESCO World Heritage Site status. La Orotava catalogued as a historical, artistic and monumental treasure has so many cultural points of interest that a visit is almost obligatory. The town dates back to the 16th Century and while its streets are laden with history you’ll also find plenty of shops and outdoor cafés for a perfect evening out. It is also home to the annual fiesta of Corpus Christi when the town’s main streets and squares are lined with carpets of sand and flowers.

The Canary styled San Bernardo village is located close to the sea in San Bernardo area within in the picturesque town of Los Silos with its pretty plazas, ancient architecture and winding cobbled streets. Known as one of the most beautiful villages on the north of Tenerife situated at the foot of the Reno Mountains, only 10 min walk from the sea. The surrounding area of Dante is set in an exceptional natural setting and authentic charm. Visit also the wonderful and authentic fishermen Port, Puerto de Garachico.

How about to discover centuries of history in one of Spain`s most beautiful cities. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is located in the north-east of the island of Tenerife and the place bears the marks of the passing of time and a history spanning more than five centuries.

The bay of Santa Cruz de Tenerife reflects its maritime past with historical buildings such as the Concepción Church and the Palacio de Carta and have been a key port on the trade route between Europe and the Americas since the days of Christopher Columbus. Lined with churches, historic buildings, plazas, and much more Santa Cruz is a truly picturesque spots to visit. The market of Nuestra Señora de África with its graceful colonial ambience attracts visitors every Sunday keen to explore its popular antiques market. Traditional bars and eateries can be found in the popular Calle de la Noria which is also home to the headquarters of some of Tenerife’s most important groups of carnival street musicians.

The most important festivities in the Canary Islands is the famous carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is known as one of the most important in the whole world.  An event one should experience at least once in a life time…….

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