Discover and experience the amazing North-East of Spain, taking off from enchanting Bilbao !

Be exited, be surprised, be astonished, and try something different when you choose to discover and experience the thrilling culture & charming people North-East of Spain…..The perfect place to take off on an enchanting tour around this amazing part of beautiful Spain is Bilbao. Today the main city of the Basque country and a major cultural capital lead by Gehry`s fantastic Guggenheim museum. San Sebastian and its intriguing and world famous “La Cocha” Bach is another top point on tour here. But why not visit the Basque country`s forgotten gem the overlooked city Vitoria is the southern Alavesa province, which is also part of the Rioja wine area. Go further south into La Rioja region and visit the beautiful town of Haro or breath-taking medieval village of La Guardia. The regions is obviously known for its many and famously wine Bodegas and generally speaking the options seams endless also when moving into the Castile & Leon Region. Going around this marvellous land the abundance of possibilities will make you want to come back again and again…….One can just think of visiting the wonders of the fascinating cities of Burgos, Palencia, Leon and Ponferrada just to mention a few of the many possibilities……..

Try to follow one of the many beautiful trails of Saint James towards magical city of Santiago de Compostela each year the goal for many pilgrimages from all over the world. Interesting points to be seen on the trail could be the wonderful towns of O Cebreiro & Lugo. Now being in Galicia and the extreme North-East province of Spain one could choose to visit charming Vigo close to the Portuguese border or why not the fantastic area around the flood mouth of the “Rias Altas & Rias Bajas”. The last and most southern is known to be homeland of some of the best white wine in the world, and the other close to the town of Ferrol named by the British admiralty to be “the best natural harbour in the world”. Move on to La Coruña and between many sights here take a look at the astonishing Hercules tower. Going back towards Bilbao one should choose a route along the breath taking Green Coast homeland of a string of wonderful and charming villages full of seafood and beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to go inland once reached the Cantabria region and drive all the way up close to the top of the impressive mountain range “Picos de Europa, knowns to be the first sight of Europe when arriving from the Americas. Santander the capital of Cantabria is another fantastic place and perfect to end an amazing route taking off from Bilbao. The possibilities and combinations are endless……

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Only your imagination is the limit! Logically, it’s convenient to select a departure point close to the area of interest, but all routes which can be found in this catalogue can be arranged from any airport, port or any point throughout Spain. Below please find examples of routes studied and designed to be as rich as possible in culture, art, ancient traditions, breath-taking landscapes, tasteful gastronomy, delicious wines etc – All in all filled with experiences, impressions and adventures.

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