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Almeria, virgin beaches and fascinating landscapes, a lost paradise !

The province of Almeria is the most northern of the Andalusian provinces and yet the most virgin and wild. It offers pleasures and adventures which are hard to come by in hole of the Mediterranean area. With more than 200 Km of untamed coastline, virgin beaches, nature reserves & landscapes of outstanding beauty the province will take your breath away !

The wide untouched virgin beaches in the east with their emerging nudist complexes and the larger tourist centres in the west such as the beautiful seaside town insure the versatility of Almeria. To very good examples are in the west Aguadulce one of the Province most notorious destinations and thanks to the wide range of services and its spectacular beaches including an excellent pleasure port marina, its population increases three-fold in summer. In the east Mojacar is perhaps the most beautiful village in the province and for sure the most exotic and the village that has best preserved its Moorish physiognomy. The beautiful village which in many details of its architecture appears to come from another time and another culture. It possesses numerous charms and tourist attractions such as the landscape and its beaches and is well worth a visit.

Almeria province has a coastline with more 200 Km. of beaches stretching from Pulpí in the east to Adra in the west. It descends from the Sierra de Gádor Mountains until it joins the Mediterranean sea in some exceptionally beautiful beaches. The Sierra María-Los Vélez Nature Reserves with their castle, their caves and their rich fauna and the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve with its deserted beaches, wild cliffs and transparent sea beds offers in total a quality destination for the demanding traveller with many unseen and unexperienced sights.

The peculiarities of the landscape in the province is seen where the sea and the desert coexist alongside fertile and productive agricultural lands. This combined with the wonderful Almeria climate has made this province the perfect place to locate a substantial film industry and the region has played host to some of the most famous movies and stars of the screen. Another surprise!

Located in a beautiful bay on the feet of the Sierra de Gádor Mountains the inviting and exotic Almeria capital will charm you with its castles, fortresses, tapas, local feast and friendly people. The history offers visitor’s different and exotic monuments and attractions such as its Arab time highlights namely the Alcazaba castle which presides majestically over the city. Furthermore the authentic district of Medina and the Cisterns of Jayrán is something one wants to see. Just to mention a few.

Almeria City is also cinema and among its major streets they were filmed cinematographic works and monuments have been locations for directors like David Lean, John Milius and Steven Spielberg himself. The Wind and the Lion, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Conan the Barbarian, Lawrence of Arabia and Patton have been some major productions that have filmed some of his scenes inside the Almeria capital. And now with Reborn and Game of Thrones (sixth season) Almeria again have chosen as a film set. Yet another reason to visit this different and exotic province.

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Aguadulce is a very attractive destination located some 8 km from Almeria city. The beach which is 2, 5 km long and 30 m wide is one of the most inviting on the Almeria coast. There are a wide variety of leisure and sports activities along with the beautiful inviting pleasure port marina area. In addition one can enjoy the wonderful views to the Bay of Almeria e.g., sitting in one of the many quality restaurants on the promenade.

Roquetas de Mar

This coastal town is located in a great location some 20 Km from Almeria. Thanks to the shelter of the Sierra Nevada Mountains it`s one of the driest, sunniest and warmest places at the entire Mediterranean. The rich history, the micro climate, beaches and nature are the main attractions. Enjoy genuine Spanish hospitality along with the 13 km long beautiful promenade and the local fishermen port where fresh fish are being delivered fresh every day.

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